HALO Networks goes Live at Hilton Universal Studios

HALO Networks goes Live at Hilton Universal Studios

HALO Networks DAS goes Live at Hilton Universal Studios!

Moments from the magic of Universal Studios Hollywood and at the heart of the Los Angeles entertainment district, The Hilton Universal City Hotel now has a HALO Networks 5G DAS! In today’s digital world, staying connected is no longer just a luxury but a necessity. As more guests rely on mobile devices for communication, entertainment, and work, hospitality properties must provide reliable cellular coverage. Guests may experience poor or non-existent cellular coverage without the proper infrastructure, resulting in frustration and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the HALO system offers customers from all mobile carriers outstanding connectivity while hotel management and ownership can look forward to increased operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction ratings, and return visits.

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HALO is the industry leader in DAS, wireless infrastructure and next generation in-building and outdoor mobile wireless systems. HALO Networks delivers the industry’s most powerful technologies that enable LTE, 5G, and CBRS services. With over 15 years building wireless systems and 1,000+ deployments across the US. HALO is delivering solutions across all industries. Flexible funding options to include Enterprise and Neutral Host solutions including design, engineering, deployment, project management, installation, monitoring and maintenance.  

Additionally, over the past decade HALO has completed multiple acquisitions to add additional expertise, personnel, and resources in Site Acquisition, Public Safety, Security, Fiber and Engineering Services.  We are a Certified Owned Disability Company which benefits our customer and Client’s mandates. HALO is the perfect partner for Real Estate Owners and Developers that are looking to navigate the building wireless and technology infrastructure environment.

We are excited to Announce HALO Networks!

We are excited to Announce HALO Networks!

HALO DAS has Rebranded to HALO Networks

Extensive rebranding effort addresses expanded portfolio to meet the changing needs of today’s wireless world

Omaha, Nebraska – December 8, 2022. HALO Networks, an independent innovating wireless infrastructure operator and market leader for indoor and outdoor neutral host connectivity solutions, has completed a major rebranding. Its new name and accompanying rebranded marketing elements more clearly represent the company’s expanding solution set while addressing the needs of the evolving wireless industry.

“As the wireless market accelerates, our new brand and position more clearly articulate our expanded suite of critical products and services that support it,” stated Jim Hyde, CEO. “Our model is changing and extends beyond DAS.”

HALO delivers powerful technologies to enable 5G, LTE, and CBRS services through its wireless infrastructure. The company owns and operates multi-carrier networks including all design, installation, upgrades, and ongoing network monitoring and maintenance. The transition to HALO Networks will encompass the company’s complete product suite and will not affect the scope of work provided by its team of industry experts. A redesigned logo, website, and other marketing deliverables represent the new name and expanded solution set.

“We are excited to make the transition from HALO DAS to HALO Networks,” said Tony Schaffer, HALO Networks president. “This move embodies the broad portfolio of services HALO can provide. Our dedicated team of in-house engineers, designers and construction experts utilize the most advanced technologies and methods to deliver the highest grade wireless infrastructure to our partners and clients.”

“HALO DAS as a brand has served the company well,” declared Mr. Hyde. “However, the industry’s business model is changing along with the wireless technologies necessary to support it. With the rebrand, we can address vital mobile communications needs from the rooftop to the meet me room, and develop and service the mobile edge while enabling Industry 4.0. With us, a business’ end-to-end network will remain on the cutting edge of the wireless industry.”

About HALO Networks

HALO Networks is an industry leader in wireless infrastructure, DAS, and next generation in-building and outdoor mobile wireless systems. The company delivers powerful technologies that enable 5G, LTE, and CBRS services. With over 14 years building wireless systems and 1,000+ deployments across the United States, HALO delivers solutions for commercial office, hospitality, higher education, retail, and healthcare venues, along with multi-family residential properties, industrial locations, transportation hubs, and stadiums and arenas. HALO Networks offers flexible funding options, and direct oversight of design, engineering, deployment, project management, installation, monitoring, and maintenance.

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