Golf Resorts DAS 

  • Robust mobile connectivity in Golf Resorts common areas
  • Enable golf centric applications
  • Increase mobile safety and security
  • Ensure 5g applications and iot services
  • Coverage for thousands of simultaneous users
  • Facilitate venue wireless revenue generating apps
  • State-of-the art technology that supports 5g applications

Golf Resorts DAS by HALO Networks

In today’s Golf Resorts industry, delivering an exceptional mobile experience for fans and patrons is paramount. Advanced mobile connectivity and the utilization of wireless applications, including social media interactions and instant sharing of multimedia content, are crucial for engaging modern-day enthusiasts. To achieve this connected experience effectively, a dedicated, high-performance communication network is essential. HALO Networks excels in enhancing mobile experiences through the deployment of our advanced, high-speed, and high-capacity multi-Carrier DAS networks.

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Our Distributed Antenna Systems provide the increased capacity needed at high density venues and locations where consumers need improved wireless services for running high bandwidth applications such as video streaming, location-based services, business data applications.

HALO Networks 5G

Small Cell

Small Cell systems are often the perfect solution for filling gaps in coverage or capacity on wireless carriers' networks. When used outdoors small cell are much smaller than traditional cell towers and therefore allow for more discrete and less obtrusive carrier network expansions.

Private LTE / CBRS

Private LTE networks have all the advantages of the commercial Carrier networks such as security, mobility, and compatibility with a broad variety of existing handsets. Tenants and guests of the Building or Enterprise can benefit from applications only available to the users of the private network.

Wi-Fi Installation

HALO Wi-Fi solutions satisfy the growing demand for flexible and reliable high-speed wireless connectivity.  Our systems help offload data from traditional cellular networks, create more capacity, and enhance wireless communications experiences.

HALO Networks Delivers Seamless Wireless Coverage

25+ Years Industry Experience

Over 25+ years of bringing the best connectivity to Property Owners and  Managers.

Complete National Coverage

Full national coverage gives HALO Networks the advantage over other regional and national solutions.

1000+ DAS Systems Deployed

With 1,000+ DAS Systems deployed, HALO Networks is the leading provider in Wireless Solutions.

Preferred Integrator

Seamless solutions makes HALO Networks the most preferred of all Wireless Carriers and Operators.

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